Spalding Potatoes is a privately owned family business based in South Lincolnshire, the heart of this country’s major potato growing area. Kerry Dickinson, the Chairman and Managing Director founded the Company in 1972 and is still in control of the day to day running of the business.

In 2006 the Company decided to concentrate its attention wholly on trading potatoes. The decision has proved to be beneficial and now the tonnage of produce traded is gradually increasing due to the 100% attention the Company is now able to give to both growers and customers alike.


Our experienced team of buyers seek out potatoes of all qualities directly from growers, whether the farmer grows several hundred hectares or just a minimal amount. Our buyers are in a position to offer growers the best price for their entire crop, from a top quality packing sample to one of lesser value.
We are in the enviable situation where we can purchase potatoes in any part of the country and we have our own buyers in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk as well as the West Midlands and the potato growing regions of Scotland. However, we also buy direct from farms in Holland, Belgium, France and Spain and we have agents in Cyprus and Israel providing us with the quality and variety demanded by our customers throughout the year.


Our Sales force, led by Kerry Dickinson and his son Nick, are well respected in the Potato Industry. We pride ourselves on the commitment and motivation of this team which has over many years built up a large customer base in the UK and Eire. We have expertise to satisfy all requirements regarding traceability and other legislation and to conform to rigid EEC guidelines.

With our broad base of sales outlets we can market all potatoes and vegetables in the most financially beneficial way for our growers. We supply the major Pre-Packers, the Potato Processors and Peelers and especially the bagged chipping trade which forms a large part of our business. We know exactly what each of our customers requires and we can match the potatoes available to the demand at any time, resulting in satisfied customers and growers alike.

We offer a range of solutions and support through our marketing service in addition to grading and bagging options for the trade.


A good crop will not be produced unless the seed is of the finest quality. Spalding Potatoes provides certified, top quality seed of all varieties from seed producers in the Netherlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland for our growers some of whom we have dealt with for over 35 years.


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